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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  September 10, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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you know, we learned too much today and just going to chris to sum this up. chris? >> this is the best and worst "morning joe" ever says twitter. now let's send it over. >> about right. >> says twitter. >> that's right. >> best and the worst. pat, thanks. gentlemen, thank you. have a great weekend.
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stay tuned now for "the daily rundown." live from the white house, the president meets the press in a news conference but first his spokesman meets us. robert gibbs joins us live. deal or no deal? is this koran burning on or off and does it hinge on the mosque going forward? and a massive explosion over the night in a california suburb. residents running for their lives and it is still burning at this hour. good morning. it is friday, september 10th, 2010. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm chuck todd. live here at the white house, 53rd day before the midterm elections. apologies for the construction noise. that's those guys' fault. let's start with the president's news conference. gets under way two hours from now in the east room of the white house. >> this is president obama's news conference. he's expected to make a big announcement, replacing
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christina romer. >> that is not the news of the day but it's all over the place. perhaps a question or two about the pastor, about the issue of islam-ophobia and taken hold and we have the midterm elections, debate of tax cuts and the economy. so, there's a lot that the president has to deal with. i think what will be fascinating to see is does he use this as a moment to sort of try to not just sum up the presidency but sell it as a presidency of change at a time when voters really want a lot of change and not happy with what's going on here? >> another opportunity to try to break through with the economic argument but as usual events can conspire against them. the news conferences tend to be a grab bag and a lot of issues, not least of which is a potential shake-up inside the white house, whether or not rahm emanuel will run for chicago mayor. >> it does seem as if the president did give some space, one thing he did accomplish this
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week, probably hasn't moved the ball forward on the economy, struggling to get the arms around the pastor story and might have given rahm breathing too many through the midterms. a story breaking out of california this morning, that massive fire in a san francisco neighborhood leveled by 100-foot high flames leaving block after block in ruins. nbc's miguel amalguere live in los angeles. what is the latest with daybreak? >> reporter: chuck and san vanna, at least three people are dead although that number could continue to rise. some 53 homes completely destroyed. more than 100 others were also damaged. this fire is believed to be possibly caused by a ruptured gas line. one witness certainly described the scene as hell on earth. the explosion ripped through san bruno, a bedroom community just outside of san francisco.
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close to 6:00 p.m. during the dinner hour. the blast was so violent, some thought it was a plane crash, possibly an earthquake. instead, it was a monstrous explosion shooting flames hundreds of feet into the air and all taking place smack dab in the middle of a neighborhood. asphalt melted. windows shattered and the sky turned black from the smoke. the heat, it could be felt for blocks away. the fire lasted all night long. hopscotching from one home to another and believed the inferno ripped through a water main making fire hydrants unusable. the blaze actually had to be fought by firefighters up in the air. they were able to finally get on the ground, surround the blaze for sometime and putting out hot spots this morning. chuck and savannah, come daybreak here, they'll send in search dogs to see if anyone was able to survive that blast and may still be inside the blast zone. back to you at the white house. >> all right. nbc's miguel amalguere, thank you. now to the firestorm over a
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florida pastor's plans to burn the coland this weekend. it was on and then off and now no one really knows. >> we are seriously, seriously, seriously considering not burning the korans. that is absolutely right. >> sir -- >> with all due respect, those sound like weasel words. are you or aren't you? >> well, we are hoping that we can come to a conclusion. >> are you going to burn colands or snot. >> i am not prepared to answer that right now. >> nbc's kerry sanders is live for us in gainesville, florida, the center of the ak. we know the pastor got a call from the defense secretary himself yesterday. but he hasn't been mentioning that as what's persuaded him to stop the demonstration and frankly since it's changing by the minute, where do we stand right now on this? >> reporter: it would appear based on what we know right now the pastor won't even be here in gainesville on saturday to burn the korans as he said. it appears. based on what he just told us
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that abc's "good morning america" arranged to fly him to new york and he will be flying with the team of producers and camera crews from abc news to new york where he -- he tells us he believes he has a meeting with the imam who's heading up that controversial mosque in islamic cultural center near ground zero. so, if he has that meeting on saturday, that would place him in new york. if he doesn't have that meeting on saturday, it's still places him in new york and he wouldn't be here. you heard him sort of wishy washy on whether he'll burn the korans or not. he said the reason he was burning the korans tomorrow is because tomorrow is the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. and he felt that that was was a poignant moment and said that this is to send a message to the
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extremists in the islamic faith. somewhere yesterday along the way at the last minute it somehow got connected and linked to the building of that cultural center near ground zero. so, with that added wrinkle now, i think that is why the phone call from secretary of defense gates has sort of lost its impact because it's no longer about what the u.s. government is trying to encourage him to do. now somehow it's diverted into this ongoing controversy near ground zero. guys? >> all right. kerry sanders in gainesville. i guess he got his free ticket to new york. maybe that's what he was waiting for, looking for a free ride to get to new york city. unbelievable. circus doesn't begin to describe it. thanks very much. quick programming note. tomorrow morning on msnbc starting at 8:57, reairing the "today" show from september 11th for the entire three hours. it is a very poignant moment and
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something that people should tune in to and watch. moving on. a spokesman for the iranian government says one of the u.s. hikers jailed for over a year will be released this weekend. but there's still no word on the remaining male hikers. ali, first of all, when would this release take place? and, what is the fate of the other two hikers? >> reporter: well, the ministry of islamic guidance in teheran sent a text message to the reporters saying that the release would be on saturday morning. 9:00 a.m. local teheran time. at the same hotel allowed a brief visit from their mothers back in may so it's a very public affair. the iranians said one of the vice presidents of iran will be present at the release. they want to make a big deal about this and want a lot of coverage, invited the press. the gesture, though, could be calculated as a move by iran to
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soften international criticism of the judiciary. iran faced growing storm of protests over a stoning sentence for a woman convicted of adultery. that's been temporarily suspended. iran is going to the u.n. general assembly soon and want to be seen as more passionate and maybe show a softer side to them at a very, very tense time of negotiations with the west. chuck, savannah? >> ali, thank you. we await a presidential news conference. the white house wants to talk about the economy. will reporters cooperate? up next, white house press secretary robert gibbs will join us live. plus, big changes in store for the nation's airlines and pilots. the first in more than half a century. and pilots are not very happy about it. first, a look ahead at the president's schedule today. did we mention there's a news conference? it will be live here on msnbc. [ male announcer ] where are people with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis going?
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well, game changer may be too much to ask for but the president trying to get on offense today in the news conference and the prospect this is fall. >> here with a preview is press secretary robert gibbs joining us from the north lawn with construction by your office window i might add. >> by my window, too. i feel your pains. >> yes. before we get into the economy, which is obviously what the president wants to talk about today, there will be i suspect questions about prospects of a koran burning. my question is a little bit larger than that. we have seen the dialogue in the country in a lot
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deinvolve and i wonder if the president regrets stepping into the controversy on the mosque near ground zero because it seemed to elevate the issue. >> well, look. i think i would very much separate what's as -- i think chuck aptly put it before the break, the circus in florida with what's going on in new york. i'll be honest with you, savannah. i think -- i think particularly with what's going on in florida, i do think at some point hopefully this weekend i think it would be good for people to pause and reflect on whether a guy with 30 parishers in the church as i said yesterday, more people go to the press conferences than listen to his sermons. whether or not we are not elevating somebody who just wants publicity. this man has caused an international incident.
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the state department had to issue a warning for americans in majority muslim countries because of the reaction that could take place if this man burn it is religious text of billions of people. i will say this. religious freedom is not a local issue and why the president got involved in making a comment on the potential building of a mosque in new york but i would very much separate out these issues and i do hope that -- i do hope that we reflect and wonder whether parking reporters in front of a banner -- i'm sure it's an inexpensive way to cover a story and fill sometime. does it add to the dialogue? does it really -- does it meet the values of our country? i think it's a good time for people to reflect. you guys said it, too. i would be interested. you do polling. we do polling. >> right. >> the news media does polling. people want the know about the
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economy. okay? >> let's move -- >> i would be interested to see today -- my guess is in the latest nbc/"wall street journal" that peter heart did not find most people had this florida guy on their mind. >> talk about the economy. >> sure. >> this debate about the extension of the so-called bush tax cuts or the tax rates. want to play for you a clip of what president obama said about the idea of raising taxes in an int interview with me a year ago. >> we have not proposed a tax hike for the wealthy that would take effect in the middle of a recession. even the proposals that have come out of congress which, by the way, different than the proposals i put forward still wouldn't kick in until after the recession was over. he is absolutely right. the last thing to do is raise taxes in the middle of a recession because that would just suck up -- take more demand out of the economy and put businesses in a further hole.
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>> that was in elkhart, indiana, back when we did that, took questions. residents of elkhart. why are we talking about tax heights at the time. yesterday you were saying, technically we are not in a recession. feels like a recession. >> i would argue not a recession but the president was making that statement in august of 2009. i will say this, chuck. let's be clear. people that make a million dollars a year will get a tax cut regardless of what happens on the first $250,000 of their income because we have a progressive tax scale so the notion that somehow everybody isn't going to get a tax cut is just simply wrong. on the first $250,000 people earn they get a tax cut. the question is, can we afford as a country to continue a $700 billion tax bill for borrowing money to give tax breaks to people that make a million dollars a year? understand this. the average person that we're talking about, what most of the
9:18 am
money would go to is people making a million dollars or more a year. this tax cut is $100,000. i got to say, chuck, wear country spending more than we take in and we have for quite sometime. if we get serious about that, we cannot borrow $700 million to give billionaires tax cuts. what's crucial and the president supported and proposed and wants to make permanent is tax cuts for the middle class. tax cuts for families that haven't been struggling through the recession at a million dollars a year but struggling through the not just this recession but ten years of economic downturn at $40,000 or $50,000 for a family of four. >> you mentioned polling. the crux of the president's argument seems to be in this campaign up to the midterms is if you return republicans to power they will do the same thing they did for the previous eight years. and yet, in our poll -- >> truth be told, savannah, oo that's not just what with're saying but the republicans are saying. >> in our most recent poll, it showed that 58% of americans think the republicans will have
9:19 am
new ideas and won't go back to bush policies. so the question is -- >> give us about 50 days. give us about 50 days. >> you need -- >> how do you adjust? the argument since the early summer you guys have been saying this. >> i'm not sure -- entirely sure everyone's focused on an election but focused on how to pay the bills and send their kids to college. we have been focused i know as my family has to get my son ready to go to school this week. i think people will turn to the midterm elections. let's be clear what your poll showed. people may not be convinced ready to return to bush but the second most potent thing, reason to vote against a republican member of congress was fear that they would return to bush. and the reason i quote republican committee chairs because that was their platform on "meet the press" on nbc. let's be honest. in john boehner gave a speech the same place the president did in cleveland. not the same venue but the same
9:20 am
city. there wasn't a new idea you didn't hear eight years ago. it was -- it was protecting tax loopholes. it was extending the bush tax cuts. there aren't ideas that they had in 2008 and 2007, 2006 that they're not resurrecting and proposing as an economic platform in 2010 and 201 1. >> third most to at the present time is following the policies of the obama administration. >> i'll take second over third. >> not happy with the directions, looking for something else and right now saying anything new. >> well, look. i don't doubt that -- i very much think that what we're experiencing in our political environment right now is very, very similar to what we experienced in 2008 and even early in 2010. i think people are very frustrated. i think people for most americans, most americans didn't
9:21 am
experience an economic downturn or economic problems the day that lehman collapsed. think eve been experiencing them for years. they had watched the wages either stagnate or decrease for years. they had watched their friends in manufacturing have their jobs shipped overseas. they had watched the opportunities that they had erode for years and years. it didn't just happen when things hit on wall street. so, i think people are frustrated. they want to see an economy that's turned around. i will say this and i think the president will talk about this today. we have had eight months of job growth. we have had economic growth. it's not as robust and the job growth isn't as robust as we would like it to be but the six months before coming to office, the economy lost between 3 million and 4 million jobs and now creating jobs. not as fast as we would like to but pointing in the right direction. we have to do what we're doing and strengthening this economy. >> all right.
9:22 am
stay the course. that argument sounds like. let me ask you quickly about rahm e moonall, chiemanuel. have there conversations about who will replace him? >> i will say this. i have not heard conversations about who'd replace somebody that's not left yet. >> shouldn't he be planning, though? >> a lot of planning for a lot of different things i will say this. i started my morning at 7:30 after watching you guys, obviously. at a meeting in his office going through what we have to work on today, this weekend and over next week. i think rahm is very focused on the task in front of him. that's what the president expects from all of us. he'll make a decision in time but i think most of us are to custed on what's going on today. >> was the president telling rahm in an interview yesterday
9:23 am
don't make the decision until after the midterms? is that how you read it? >> i'm not privy and don't want to know every conversation the president has with his chief of staff but as i've said i think rahm will take time to make a decision and i think he and all of us will be focused on the president's agenda of continuing economic growth, continuing to get the economy growing again and doing what we have to do over the course of the next several months. >> robert gibbs, who's the best -- >> can i just -- >> best quarterback in alabama, state of alabama. >> no doubt. >> always sports. >> can i let you in on a secret? new england clam chowder. >> live white house soup of the day. >> try to bring it. >> we should have a tasting. >> trust me. at the window at the mess. asked soup ready? >> oatmeal of the day sometimes? >> soup is not yet ready but it -- usually one of the better selections. >> great fall soup. >> this is the best life revealing of the white house soup. robert gibbs. >> next half hour to tell you
9:24 am
the fish special. >> all right. fair enough. it is friday. >> thanks. >> thank you. up next, we're unveiling the latest rankings on the senate race and not a democratic pickup opportunity is in the top ten list. missouri's karn hand going for the jugular against blunt. can she save that race? first the "washington speak." curtain raiser. this is journo speak. basically a tv or print story that previews an event. today reporters that cover the white house like us wrote curtain raisers to preview the president's news conference today. >> one way, robert gibbs for a curtain raiser. >> live curtain raiser on the soup and news conference. if you have "washington speak" for us to clarify, send us an e-mail. ♪
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well, if it's friday it is time for the top ten. today, the latest edition of the nbc news senate rankings, seats most likely to switch parties this year and for the first time this cycle looks less likely of an opportunity for a democrat to pick off a single republican senate seat. in fact, let's look at the map right now. leading off here are the five democratic-held seats that right now we have tilting or solidly in the gop column. north dakota, delaware, arkansas, indiana and pennsylvania. pennsylvania being the lone leaner in that category. in spots six through ten, five more democratic-held seats we label as toss-ups right now, illinois. colorado, nevada, wisconsin and washington. the republican senate campaign committee reserved ad time in all five of those toss-up states. democrats have only committed to buy ads in colorado and washington. could be a little bit of a game of chicken. democrats may be forced to spend to hold the other blue seats in wisconsin and california in particular. it's been a very tough cycle for
9:29 am
them. democrats are hoping to catch a break by the way on tuesday in delaware that somehow a tea party candidate upsets mike castle there or maybe a tea party candidate upsets the republican establishment pick in new hampshire. looks unlikely but if that happens maybe getting another seat in play. one final seat that they're still hoping to get in play is a republican open seat in missouri. right now, it's slid down the list. not in the top ten. but they -- the democrats like the candidate here, robin karn hand and they still believe the republican nominee roy blunt is a little bit flawed and so robin carnahan out with a new ad today first seen here on "daily rundown" going after some of those flaws. >> you just said a moment ago that you have to show you're the party of reform. but some question whether you are the man to do that. in 2002, you tried to insert language into the homeland
9:30 am
security act to help phillip morris dating the company's lobbyist and the campaign committee's paid $485,000 to a firm linked to jack abramoff. are you the one to clean up the house? >> as you see, in that ad, notice entirely chris wallace of fox news and sending a message in red missouri to say, hey, look at what even fox news is saying about roy blunt. his career in congress and whether he is a candidate for change. pretty tough ad. see if it works. they have to do something to change that trajectory there in missouri. >> thanks. still ahead, with the looming midterms show downs, will the congress be hard working or hardly working? the death toll rises following that explosion in suburban san francisco. first, the trivia question. what member of congress worked his way through harvard cleaning
9:31 am
toy lets and working as a nightwatchman? >> matt damon? >> that was a movie. the answer and more coming up. [ crunch! ] [ male announcer ] 11 grams of delicious whole grain. one mighty toasted crunch. new wheat thins crunch stix. the crunch is calling. stay twice... earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn or any of these choice hotels can earn you a free night -- only when you book at can earn you a free night -- so, we set out to discover the nutritional science at purina one, we want your cat to be as healthy as possible in some of nature's best ingredients. that's how we created purina one with smartblend. nutritionally optimized with real salmon, wholesome grains and essential antioxidants, for strong muscles, vital energy, a healthy immune system, and a real difference in your cat.
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we could've gone a more traditional route...
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... but it wouldn't have been nearly as memorable. ♪ bottom of the hour now. let's look at what's driving this friday. president obama's going to hold a news conference in the east room of the white house later this morning expected to name austin goolsby to the advisers. you can catch it here on msnbc. a federal judge in california halting don't ask don't tell saying in an 85-page ruling that the policy is unconstitutional. in northern california, firefighters continue to fight a raging fire ripping through a residential community there. the san bruno fire captain says six are dead, more than 100 homes damaged for destroyed. breaking news. the faa has just announced new
9:35 am
rules governing how many hours pilots can work and how much time they must have to rest. >> it comes after 50 people died in a plane crash last year. nbc's tom costello has details on what the changes will mean. tom, tell us about it. pilots not happy, are they? >> reporter: i don't think that's true. i think they are happy. pushing for exactly this kind of change at the faa. and here's the bottom line. this comes after the colgan air crash. among the many factors cited were pilot fatigue, qualifications, the regional airlines an how strong they were committed to safety. and now, we know that after months of arguing over this, the faa today is going to announce changes to the airline policies on how long you can fly a crew and how long you can keep them on on the clock. this is the first change since the 1940s. here are the old rules here. since the 1940s, pilots or
9:36 am
airlines allowed to schedule pilots for 16-hour duty days, 8 hours of flying with 8 hours for rest. but the rest time begins the moment the plane pulls up to the gate, not getting to the hotel. here's the new rules that the faa is going to aunveil today. nbc news learned it will essentially involve requiring nine hours of rest starting from the time the pilot gets to the hotel and the length of the duty day is now going to depend on the time zone changes, the time of day, whether there's any jet lag, the number of takeoffs and landings you have in a day, whether you are on a long-haul flight or a short-haul regional flight. this is what the airlines have been really kind of cautioning against because in theory it is going to cost the airlines more money. but the pilots have been pushing for this kind of change. we'll have to see whether they're happy with all of the details but what they have been wanting for a long time. >> good stuff.
9:37 am
>> tom costello, thank you. summer's over. feels like fall out here. congress is coming back next week. lawmakers returning to the capitol with the work cut out for them but will they do the work? >> there are battles brewing over the bush tax cuts, small business bill. let's get a quick preview from strict and vick. ken, let me start with you. >> sure. >> the strict half of the -- >> banding together. >> all right. we do know there's some news on the small business bill but walk us through what the senate is actually going to get done before they go back on the campaign trail. >> sure, chuck. let's start with small business. that's the first thing the senate will take up when they get back. they got a big break from republican senator, former governor, george voinovich of ohio saying he'll support breaking the filibuster on that
9:38 am
small business bill. if that happens, and it probably will, republican and democratic leadership say it will be wrapped up by the end of next week. what can be done in the next four-week period? small business. they'll address the bush tax cuts. the government funding, the funding that runs the entire government runs out at the end of the september. they have to pass a bill that basically says we'll continue it on through the end of the year. the wish list. the defense authorization bill with don't ask, don't tell. food safety. the settlement money for the black farmers and the native americans. there's a long wish list and basically to fund the government, take care of small business and deal with the bush tax cuts, how they deal with it remains to be seen, those are things on the agenda to be done for sure. >> turn to vick covering the house for so many years. other than perhaps john boehner measuring the drapes, what are the top items for the house to accomplish and give us the reality check on how much is
9:39 am
going to get done? >> coming back a week later than they normally do after labor day and an election year and they're as eager to get on the campaign trail as they are in any election year. more so democrats, obviously. in the majority. they control the calendar. back next week for four weeks. maybe three. targeted date august 8th and could be out a week early than that. reality check, the only thing realistic thing to have a chance of doing with the voinovich situation and announced to support the small business bill, they could do that but the house wouldn't waste any time. chuck, you have a question? >> let many ask both of you this. vick, is there no discussion of what to do about the tax cuts expiration until the lame duck? >> another one of the moments. after you says the house to the senate. because the house is tired of sticking their necks on the line. saw with the energy bill. >> not touching this one? >> if the senate does, close,
9:40 am
there's still discussion whether or not to take it up before a lame duck session, democrats are afraid they're losing the rhetorical question. republicans have made this a discussion about raising taxes. and that is a loser for all of these people on the bubble within the democratic caucus. >> and strict, when's the likelihood of the senate to do anything on this? >> i think the likelihood is good. it comes down to the numbers. we know, everybody that watches "the daily rundown" takes 60 votes to do anything. republicans happy to remind america there may be moderate centrist democrats that don't support what president obama wants. and so, if democrats who have 59 in their caucus can't get at least one republican and hold their own moderates in line, they just simply won't have the votes to do it. on monday you can expect reporters to find the moderate democrats saying will you support what the president wants to do? republicans don't think the votes are there and they
9:41 am
think -- republicans think that harry reid will have to pull it back or go along with what they want which is to extend the tax cuts at least for the short term. >> before you go, i have to ask you two experts about something. i have a little tip that the democrats had offered to redecorate the offices kindly of a republican minority committee. does that suggest they think they'll be moving in to the minority soon or what do you make of that? >> i tell you. especially in the house of reprehencibles. >> wow. >> you don't want to be in the minority. only been four years for democrats. >> yeah. >> they know what it's like. and -- >> apparently offered to redecorate. >> they have the money to make it happen. purse strings. >> strick and vick, thank you so much. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thank you. all right. to the trivia now. what member of congress worked through harvard cleaning toilets
9:42 am
and workings a a night watchman? >> florida congressman alan grayson and running an aggressive campaign down there in the orlando media market. fascinating to see if he survives. coming up, president obama trying to drive his economic message home for voters but can't seem to get away from other distractions. but first, robert gibbs blew our news for us revealed moments ago the white house soup of the day is new england clam chowder. as requested by chuck, the oatmeal of the day. live picture. there it is. i tasted it. >> cinnamon and raisin. >> it is good. >> raisins secretly a good food. >> okay. >> my son obsessed with raisin bran right now. a boy after my own heart. ♪ [ upbeat instrumental ]
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standoff over integrating public schools in alabama comes to an end. allowing 20 black students to enter public schools against governor george wallace's wishes. well, back to the developing story here at the white house. in just over an hour, president obama will hold a press conference. >> after spending the week on the road selling new economic proposals, the president's trying to bring home the message today in the east room. he's got a lot of distractions out there. here with us editor and chief of "the national journal" john forney. let's start with what the president tried to do this week which was he tried to create a foil in john boehner. goes to cleveland. trying to raise the profile for an alternative realizing runs against bush wasn't working and needs somebody to run against. >> bill clinton could have told him the elections aren't about
9:47 am
the past, it is about the future. borrowing a page of bill clinton's playbook. that is move vie we have seen before. this is clinton-gingrich redo. he's trying to build up boehner like gingrich and hoping i think assuming like we all are they'll at least lose the house and very possibly the senate and has to try angulate and what better way to do it than a straw man with boehner? >> some people thought elevating boehner punching down or at a minimum most people don't know who he is and the argument wouldn't resonate outside washington. >> it won't now. he is setting -- putting down the marker for after they get blown away in the fall. i mean, look at what he's dealing with. the cake is baked. according to a poll by the national journal, 70% of the public, 70% know a close friend or a family member that lost their job. think about that. how does a party or president in
9:48 am
power overcome that number looking at since the spring the percentage of people who are least optimistic about the future gone down 16 percentage points. everybody knows somebody who's lost a job. practically everybody and they have -- the bottom has dropped out on the -- well of optimistic in america so anti-american not having that hope for the future. >> the president said it himself in an interview saying if this is a referendum on the economy, democrats will be clobbered. how's it not a referendum on the economy? >> figures i just laid out. he's starting to lay down the -- trying to till the soil to recover from what's a lam basting in the fall. >> primary argument from the white house and the president is a vote for republicans this fall is a vote to go past to the republicans don't have any new ideas. is there any benefit to republicans to coming out with a bunch of new ideas with an agenda? i mean, '94 the contract with
9:49 am
america. we don't see anything like that or should they just stay the course because it's working for them? >> i don't know. i'm not good in the advice-giving business. i'd rather be a republican heading into this election than democrat. you might want to stay out of the way. >> the other big news is this issue with rahm. we know that the chief of staff rahm emanuel is thinking about this opening in chicago, running for mayor ian seems the debate is, when does he leave? you talk to folks earlier this week and folks preparing far idea of an interim chief of staff. he would have to leave in the next couple of weeks. seems like the president forcefully said publicly he didn't want that idea saying there will be, you know, he is focused on the job on the midterms. if you're in the president's shoes at this point, that seems to be the better option. do your shake-up after the landscaping? >> might be rahm's best option. my guess is they talk and my guess is he's looking for time to make the decision, make the phone calls, putt together his team, try to figure out the
9:50 am
constituency in chicago, a big question. so maybe he wants a little bit he want a little bit of time. >> in some ways, i think people think a shakeup is coming to the white house one way or another. do you think the president needs to get fresh blood in here. do you suspect that is what he'll do, call someone from the outside to be chief of staff? >> most presidents in power in the midterm election lose seats. george bush avoided it after 9/11, that's a rarity. normally what happens is a shakeup to at least show the public i got the message. history tells you that is going to happen. >> one thing that is going to happen, some story that went under the radar and one that caught me by surprise and i heard rumblings. john bolton is now saying he is contemplating a run for president. now, we know the presidential campaign on the republican side is going to start. there will be somebody that announces the two days after the
9:51 am
election. it's been sort of the history of these presidential campaigns. but what does it become. will this republican feel have three or four and then a bunch looking for book deals or talk shows? >> we've seen that in the past in both parties. pat buchanan ran twice and gary bauer raised his profile and sarah palin, a lot of people said she's not interested in running for president. we'll see a lot of that. that happens in both parties every cycle. >> you think john bolton has been to iowa? >> i suspect he'll be there. >> the prospect of you two chasing him might change his mind. thank you. >> thanks very much. i am pro-bolton mustache. more facial hair on the campaign trial. a big weekend ahead here for chuck. ohio state and miami meeting in a top matchup. will your prediction come true,
9:52 am
chuck? >> do you know they're playing football? >> no, i don't care. >> follow us on twitter. tomorrow will be heavy on college football. huge weekend @chucktodd. she will be tweeting something about football. [ male announcer ] looks clean doesn't it.
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9:55 am
all right, chuck. you know, one game has stood out from the last of the rest few weeks. can we play a tape of a certain prediction. >> i'm coming back here on 9/11, this is where miami beats ohio state at the horseshoe. >> well, we're 18 hours away from kickoff now, are you still feeling good that the hurricanes will win at columbus? >> i wish we were 18 hours from kickoff. we're not.
9:56 am
i think we're 30 hours. >> so classic. >> i tell you, i feel cautiously optimistic. miami on the road. it's a team, we're deep, we've got depth. ohio state, can you keep up with the ohho speed. >> will you shave -- >> no bets. i'm more upset so many great games and three of them air at the same time. i don't have enough tvs in my house. go canes. it's all about the u. coming up next on msnbc, a very familiar-looking chris jansing. >> her dress is anyway. at 11:00 eastern, stay with msnbc live coverage of the president's news conference. chuck will go in there right now and get ready for the president. me neither. it's beneful incredibites. it's just the way you like it-- with carbohydrates for energy and protein for muscles.
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